Construction Division

Dunphey Petroleum Services specializes in constructing fueling systems for C-Stores, industrial fuel systems, municipalities and federal government.  We build new systems, as well as upgrading and refitting existing sites.

We are a Texas contractor licensed ‘A’ and ‘B’ with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, commonly known as the TCEQ. 

Whether you are planning a complete new fuel system or upgrade/compliance to an existing system, we have an experienced staff to work with you on every phase of the project.

We are a very professional company that takes pride in our work.   Dunphey stands behind our work every day, every week and every year.  We hold the belief that “once a customer, always a customer”.   This way of thinking is from the President to the helper in the field.

We operate a full line of construction crews with all company owned equipment.  Our construction crews work out of heavy duty service trucks with all the necessary equipment to complete any fuel related project.   We have trucks with Auto Cranes for heavy service of fuel equipment to service trucks for more detail scopes of work.

We have built strong relationships with quality equipment distributors and manufacturers for the best price in the industry. We pass the savings on to our customers, so that we may provide you with the best price for the best quality work.

We have constructed over 400 facilities in Texas and surrounding states and our customer base is extensive and impressive.

Please contact us for any references you may require.

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